Top Ten Tuesday: Personality Traits I Look For In Characters

img_8757Recently, I’ve been finding myself becoming more immersed in the book blogging community and I’ve noticed two increasingly popular trends that I want to get involved in as well! These two trends are Top Ten Tuesday and WWW, which is a weekly meme hosted by Taking On A World Of Worlds, and we’ll get more into that tomorrow! With these new additions to my posting schedule, this is what my weeks will look like if I can find the time and motivation to get the posts out on their due date!

Monday: nothing

Tuesday: TTT

Wednesday: WWW

Thursday: nothing

Friday: a random post

Saturday and/or Sunday: a review

That’s enough for the introduction, let’s just get right into today’s Top Ten Tuesday!

If faced with the question on whether I like more plot or character driven books I would most definitely say character driven. Characters are your thoughts and feelings while reading a book and, depending on how good the book was, continue to live on much past finishing the book or series.

Hands down there are some qualities we all look for and love in our favorite characters. Here are the traits I love in them. Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday: Personality Traits I Look For In Characters”