Top Ten Tuesday: Personality Traits I Look For In Characters

img_8757Recently, I’ve been finding myself becoming more immersed in the book blogging community and I’ve noticed two increasingly popular trends that I want to get involved in as well! These two trends are Top Ten Tuesday and WWW, which is a weekly meme hosted by Taking On A World Of Worlds, and we’ll get more into that tomorrow! With these new additions to my posting schedule, this is what my weeks will look like if I can find the time and motivation to get the posts out on their due date!

Monday: nothing

Tuesday: TTT

Wednesday: WWW

Thursday: nothing

Friday: a random post

Saturday and/or Sunday: a review

That’s enough for the introduction, let’s just get right into today’s Top Ten Tuesday!

If faced with the question on whether I like more plot or character driven books I would most definitely say character driven. Characters are your thoughts and feelings while reading a book and, depending on how good the book was, continue to live on much past finishing the book or series.

Hands down there are some qualities we all look for and love in our favorite characters. Here are the traits I love in them.

1. Sadness

We all have something that makes us sad and depressed in our lives, and it’s nice when you read about a character who has that same weight on their shoulders.

2. Sarcasm

Who doesn’t enjoy sarcasm? It spices up the book and adds definition and some sort of quirk to the character. Even in a life changing, heart wrenching book, sarcasm will always be appreciated and needed.

3. Any sort of quirk

No one likes the absolutely perfect, put together characters; or maybe that’s just me because I can’t relate! Everyone has a flaw and to read about a perfect character is honestly frustrating. Whether it’s physical like Newts limp in The Maze Runner or a highlighted character trait, a quirk is what brings a character from bland to a relatable and favorite character.

4. Heart

It’s not that I have read a book with a character with no heart, but more so of I love characters that have selflessness engraved in their heart. When their hearts are open to anyone and everything. When they have compassion running through their bones. While this trait can also be some characters weakness, I thinks it’s one of the strongest traits that a character can have.

5. Smarts

There is honestly, nothing more frustrating than reading a characters POV who is absolutely clueless. I’m not asking to read a book with an Einstein but at least let the character have a brain!

6. Articulate

Don’t you just feel empowered when you read a book with a strong-willed, opinionated female character? That note aside, it’s so awesome when you read a book with a character who speaks out and is (sometimes) impulsive with that action.

7. Brave

I think it goes without saying that a favorite personality trait of everyone’s is bravery.

8. Adventurous

When a character has a strong desire of wanderlust or adventure it triggers something in all of us, and it’s refreshing to read.

9. Determined

There is nothing worse than having a character want something one minute and go to drastic lengths to get it, then change at the last moment. (cough cough love triangles.) Determination is a key quality trait to every book character, otherwise nothing would ever happen in a book. The characters determination is what drives the book and makes things happen!

10. Sincerity

Sincerity could honestly mean a lot of different things in a book character, but when I say this, I mean the characters heart and soul has to be in whatever they’re doing. Every action and word has to have a purpose; there has to be that genuineness and sincerity in the character, otherwise you feel blocked off from being able to emotionally connect with ANY character!

Characters are HARD to write, and we have to give most authors way more credit for who they have created and brought to life! What’s a favorite book of yours with incredibly written characters, and one where you cringed the whole way through? Let me know!!

Stay Fantabulous!




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