Ebooks vs Audiobooks While Traveling

When you are abroad you probably don’t want to actually bring a book because of the space it will take up. Two of the most popular choices are ebooks and audiobooks. I personally use both when I am abroad, and have a lot of experience with both. So today I will be comparing the two to help you decide which may be the best for you to use while you’re out!Ebooks:

You can download ebooks from crazy websites, your hometown library, and amazon onto literally any device.


• it is almost the exact same experience as a hard copy book

• you can have many books in one place

• you are able to refer back to pages


• you can’t multitask and read (such as driving or getting any other work done.)

• if you get motion sickness this one is not a great option

When I read ebooks I always download them from my public library, through amazon and to my kindle paper white.

The kindle paper white is so amazing and I’m not really sure what I did before it. It is super light and compact. Not only that, but the screen is glare resistant so when you’re out in the sun you won’t be struggling to read the screen. Yes, a kindle is an investment but one I would definitely recommend it if ebooks sounded like a match for you!


Once again there are millions of places to download these from popular apps such as Audible to your public library onto overdrive!


• you can be driving while listening to your book

• it is great if you get motion sick

•can multitask getting something done while listening (if you want to see a huge list of things you can get done while listening to audiobooks I recommend this amazing post by wordrevel!)


• it usually takes longer to finish than a regular book as the speaker can take longer to read it to you

• there is not as huge of a selection as there is for ebooks


• the voice of the person reading it to you can get a little annoying

Obviously experiences vary for specific people and it may all depend on where you are going! Personally I love to use both but I hope this was helpful as a resource for while you’re traveling!

Which do you prefer to use?

Stay Fantabulous!



Any products or companies mentioned in this post are not sponsored nor contain affiliate links. These are all my own personal opinions!

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